The Halia Signatures

Over the years, guests have enjoyed our signature items at our Sister brand The Halia Restaurant. Thanks to their persuasion, we now retail a small range of Halia signature products that are great gifts and souvenirs. Batches of Chilli Crab Sauce, Ginger Flower Dressing & Pineapple Ginger Jam fly off the shelves, whilst guests are thrilled that they can now brew their own Ginger Infusion or Spiced Island Tea & Coffee in the comfort of their own homes and offices. 

Unique Hampers & Gifts

Visit our store for unique gifts that celebrate Asia and especially the Singapore identity. We are especially proud of our Picnic/Table Mat, designed in-house by our very own Firdaus, which features Asian quotes on Singapore's past-time of eating! Or get a AM Kickstart Hamper as a cheeky gift for the morning-haters - alarm clock with premium coffee powder and spice blends. The most popular gift is the "Loving warmth" hamper - Sun dried Ginger Infusion with Wild Honey and handmade stirrers.

Visit us soon to experience these and many, many more.

Home-brewed Goodness

We select fresh ingredients to brew a range of signature beverages. Savour healthy local drinks like home-made lemongrass & ginger, masala chai, ginger & honey infusion. Or creations like Ginger Jive - a medley of orange, fruit punch, ginger and honey, and Spice Islands Ice Coffee - rich local coffee infused in aromatic spices.


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Sandwiches & Baked goods

Feeling peckish after an energetic stroll in the Gardens? Try our range of ready-to-eat baked muffins and cookies and sandwiches filled with tasty flavours like Smoked Chicken, Pepper Beef & Onion, Tuna Mayo, Mushroom & Cheese Melt.