Home-brewed Goodness

We select fresh ingredients to brew a range of signature beverages. Savour healthy local drinks like home-made pandan barly, ginger lemongrass & halia infusion. Or creations like Ginger Jive - a medley of orange, fruit punch, ginger and honey, and Spice Islands Ice Coffee - rich local coffee infused in aromatic spices.

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Sandwiches & Salads

Feeling peckish after an energetic stroll in the Gardens? Try our range of ready-to-eat sandwiches filled with tasty flavours like Smoked Chicken Gherkin, Pepper Beef & Onion, TUna Mayo, Chicken Ham & Cheese. For those craving a healthy option, try our Smoked Salmon Salad with Ginger Flower Sauce.

Great Food Gifts

Over the years, guests have enjoyed our signature items at our Sister brand The Halia Restaurant. Thanks to their persuasion, we now retail a small range of Halia signature products that are great gifts and souvenirs. Small batches of Ginger Flower Sauce & Pineapple Ginger Jam fly off the shelves, whilst guests are thrilled that they can now brew their own Halia Infusion or Spiced Island Tea & Coffee in the comfort of their own homes and offices.

Unique Hampers & Gifts

Visit our store for unique gifts that celebrate Asia and especially the Singapore identity. We are especially proud of our Picnic/Table Mat, designed in-house by our very own Firdaus, which features Asian quotes on Singapore's past-time of eating! Or get a AM Kickstart Hamper as a cheeky gift for the morning-haters - alarm clock with premium coffee powder and spice blends. The most popular gift is the "Loving warmth" hamper - Halia infusion with Wild Honey and handmade stirrers.

Visit us soon to experience these and many, many more.

From the Bakery

Our chefs bake small batches of breads, cookies, cakes and pastries for quick, tasty snacks during your visit to the Gardens. Regulars place advance orders for these handmade pastries to take-away for their home parties and office gatherings. Favourites are the chilli crab bun, cheese & onion bun, foccacia loaf, cake-in-a-cup range, Japanese cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge cake.


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